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ARNEC Call to Tackle the Climate Crisis


The Future of our Children at Stake
Climate change exposes young children to many risks.

According to UNICEF (2021), nearly every child is affected by at least one of the effects of climate change. These effects pose serious implications for the nurturing care of young children and their lives as well as that of their caregivers.

For that, the Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC) launched a call to tackle the climate crisis to protect the well-being and development of young children.

This call is for governments and, in particular, high-income countries, to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as recommended in the IPCC report. It also calls on donors, the private sector, civil society, other partners, and multiple stakeholders to commit to bold and sustainable actions.

We, at the Arab Network for Early Childhood (ANECD), also stress the importance of this call, and invite all the concerned organizations and individuals to join it to stand with young children to secure a healthy and livable planet for all Now.

View the full statement, here
Join the call to action, here

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